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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Over the past year, I have been invited on as a guest to speak on several different podcast episodes, sharing my insights about animals, the natural world, and the future of our planet. I thought it would be nice to put these all in one place for any of you that would like to have a listen.

Plant Based News

In this episode we covered a whole host of topics from the way in which we are brought up, gentle forms of activism, looking after sentient beings, and much more. It is an exciting episode that I was honoured to be a part of.


Matthew Maran Podcast

In this podcast, I chat with award-winning wildlife photographer, Matthew Maran, about my early childhood experiences engaging with animals, to using social media as a platform to inspire positive environmental change.


The Consciously Clueless Podcast

Individuals have power, power to make a change, and if we use that we can truly change the world for the better, for humans and non-human animals alike. In this episode we discuss everything from veganism to intersectional environmentalism to compassion fatigue / eco anxiety.


For What It's Earth Podcast

In this lighthearted episode, we chat about all things vegan, including some tips on how to get started with your vegan journey and how to make your own oat milk at home!


Make the Planet Great Again

As a little girl, a family trip to Bird Island compelled me to declare to my parents "I want to be a conservationist". Christian Ehl and I discuss the moments that followed this, from a career in zoology to launching my own business, Zephyr Eco Market.


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