About Me

I am a wildlife biologist and presenter who is currently working as a Researcher for Silverback Films. I hold a First Class honours degree in BSc Zoology (INT) with a study abroad year in Australia. My undergrad research focused on social learning and pack structure in African painted wolves (Lycaon pictus). After graduating, I worked as a presenter on a boat in Scotland and for ZSL. Then, in September 2019, I returned to University to obtain an MA in Wildlife Filmmaking at UWE, a course run in conjunction with the BBC NHU. 


I have a passion for all animals and the natural world. I use social media to share this with others, regularly posting photos and videos on my account, @roxythezoologist, with the goal of reconnecting people with animals and inspiring them to get outside, have fun, and get involved with conservation initiatives themselves. 

After only 6 months of owning my first camera, my photography work was featured by BBC Earth, BBC UK, and BBC Brasil! 

I have also done lots of human portrait photography, and worked as the photographer for the #HumansOfXR campaign for the Extinction Rebellion group. This work has had editorial coverage in papers such as the Metro and the Guardian.

Through social media, I have been given the opportunity to collaborate on talks about photography, conservation, and sustainable living, with many organisations such as the RSPB, Greenpeace UK, VegFest, and Rolex.

My love of animals and drive to save them extends to my everyday life as well. I abide to a plant-based diet, as well as running my own business, Zephyr Eco Market, where I sell eco-friendly alternatives to mainstream products, working closely with One Tree Planted and Painted Dog Conservation UK. Through social media, I educate others about the threats our planet is facing, raising awareness about intersectional environmentalism, consumerism, animal agriculture, the exotic pet trade, and much more, and suggest ways that we can all help to overcome these issues.

I truly believe that there is hope for the future, and the more people that are inspired to get involved with conservation and take action, the better!


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