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I am a passionate freelance filmmaker and photographer specialising in content centred around animals, the natural world, and extraordinary individuals dedicated to transforming our planet for the better.


With my expertise as a self-shooting producer, I collaborate with renowned brands such as Nikon, Lenovo, Jack Wolfskin, MINI, Adobe Video, and Rolex, to create compelling short-form digital content.

My previous role as a Researcher for Silverback Films on the Earthshot Prize series and COP26 films has provided me with invaluable experience in tackling critical environmental issues through the power of film.

Equipped with a First Class honors degree in BSc Zoology (INT), which included a study abroad year in Australia, I delved into exploring the dynamics of social learning and pack structure in African painted wolves (Lycaon pictus) for my undergraduate research. Following my graduation, I worked as a presenter on a boat in Scotland and with the Zoological Society of London. In September 2019, I further honed my skills by pursuing an MA in Wildlife Filmmaking at UWE, a prestigious program conducted in partnership with the BBC Natural History Unit.


The culmination of my studies resulted in the creation of an award-winning film titled 'I Am Capable,' which celebrates the remarkable achievements of Amira Patel, a trailblazing Muslim woman breaking barriers to promote inclusivity in the great outdoors.


I have also established myself as a versatile photographer, adept at capturing human portraits and producing captivating imagery for brands, content creators, weddings, and more. Notably, I had the privilege of capturing a range of images for Rolex that were published in Washington Post, I travelled to South Africa to capture a lodge for Rare Earth Retreats, and I served as the official photographer for the #HumansOfXR campaign for Extinction Rebellion wherein my images were published by the Metro and the Guardian.

My passion for photography has opened doors to engaging collaborations and speaking opportunities on topics spanning photography, conservation, and sustainable living. Esteemed organisations including Canon and Greenpeace UK have invited me to share my insights and experiences through talks at events.


Beyond my professional endeavors, my devotion to animal welfare and environmental preservation is evident in my daily life. I am committed to a plant-based diet and strive to minimize my ecological footprint. Through my social media presence, I am dedicated to raising awareness about the pressing threats our planet faces. I delve into topics such as intersectional environmentalism, consumerism, animal agriculture, the exotic pet trade, and more, providing actionable solutions that empower individuals to contribute to positive change.

I firmly believe in the potential for a brighter future, and I am driven to inspire others to actively engage in conservation efforts and take meaningful action. Together, we can make a tangible difference in safeguarding our planet.

Selected Partners

Social Media



Director, I Am Capable, WildScreen Official Selection


Director, I Am Capable, RED Movie Awards


Researcher, The Earthshot Prize, Silverback Films


Nikon Z9

Nikon Z30

Nikon 70-20mm

Nikon 35mm

Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic

Zoom F2 BT Field Recorder

Social Media

I have cultivated a dedicated audience of over 100,000 followers across various digital platforms who share a common passion for nature, animal and climate advocacy, and sustainability.

I have had the privilege of working with esteemed clients such as Nikon, Jack Wolfskin, Rolex, and RSPB, showcasing my expertise and creativity through compelling content shared on social media. Here are some examples of the impactful work I have produced.

If you would like to support my ongoing efforts and gain access to exclusive content, I invite you to visit my Patreon page at:

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