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Over the past two years working as a freelance self-shooting producer, I have been lucky enough to work on a few of my own short films, commissioned by different brands. Initially, I was making these alongside my work for Studio Silverback but then made the transition to being freelance full-time. It has been great to start building my portfolio and have the ability to tell the stories that I am really passionate about. 


I am Capable

Lake District

I Am Capable is an award-winning short film that I made for my final submission for my MA in Wildlife Filmmaking. It is about the incredible Amira Patel, who facilitates a safe space for Muslim women to join her wild swimming in the UK.

Snow Leopard Screengrab3.jpg


Ghosts of the Mountains

Spiti Valley, India

In some of the harshest conditions on earth, lives one of the world's most elusive animals; the snow leopard. In this film, I travel to Kibber National Park, in the India part of the Himalayas in search of snow leopards.


Voices of the Forest


Voices of the Forest explores the research of Dr Anja Hutschenreiter, in which she records the vocalisations of spider monkeys, deep in the heart of the Mexican jungle, in order to determine whether humans and wildlife are able to co-exist. This film was made in collaboration with Jack Wolfskin.



Wild London


This film, made in collaboration with LUMIX, is about one of the most spectacular wildlife events in the UK; the red deer rut. I explore the behaviour of the stags as they gear up for the most important time of their lives.


My Search for Otters

Isle of Mull

Journey up to the Isle of Mull, Scotland, in search of one of the most-loved animals, the otter whilst learning about their conservation, and the work being done to protect this species by the UK Wild Otter Trust. This film was made in collaboration with Jack Wolfskin.

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