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Cheetah Print


This particular image was captured in during a shoot in the Serengeti for Nikon. Our first afternoon there it was pouring with rain, all other guests decided to stay at camp, but we headed out to try our luck. We ended up having this incredible encounter with a female cheetah who had just made a kill. After feasting, she stood proudly, looked at us, then walked off into the long grass.


This fine art print collection has been meticulously created in collaboration with a studio near where I live in Bristol, to create high quality and sustainable prints of my wildlife photography work.  


Available in A4, A3 or A2. 

(If you would like a specific custom size not listed, please contact me for a quote and I would be happy to make that happen for you)


Thank you so much for choosing to support my work by displaying this print in your home or gifting it to a loved one. 


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