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Jaguars of the Pantanal: Wildlife Photography Tour 2024



There will be a total of 6 guests on this trip.

Experiencing the nature of the Pantanal is a life change experience. This 8 day tour will be led by conservationists and photographers Roxy Furman (@roxythezoologist) and Henrique Olsen (@henriqueolsen). Meeting of the Waters State Park is home to the largest concentration of jaguars on Earth, making it the best place to observe them in wild! On this tour you'll have the chance to see and photograph the jaguars, giant otters, caimans, yellow anaconda, howler monkey, hyacinth macaw, capybaras and many other species during the safaris.

I will be there as your host, out in the field with you each day, and guiding you with your photography and editing, to help you get the most out of your camera during your trip. We will be guided by Henrique, an ambassador for the Pantanal biome, a member of Chalana Esperança, and Jaguar ID Project Ambassador. He has also been published in multiple publications for his photography work, so is one of the best guides in the region to guide us on this photographic adventure.


Day 1 (September 28th)

Road transfer from Cuiaba (departing at 7am) to Porto Jofre.

There will be plenty of photographic opportunities along the way, so we will stop many times during the drive.

We will arrive in Porto Jofre by midday, ready for a quick lunch before departing on our first boat safari in the afternoon.

Days 2-7 (September 29th until October 4th)

For these six days, we will be going out on boat safaris in search of the jaguars and other incredible wildlife that the Pantanal is home to.

As we will be staying on a Flotel, we will be right at the park entrance, allowing us to get straight out at dawn each day, and begin taking photos with the best morning light.

We will shoot until sunset each day (coming back for a lunch break in the middle of the day).

Day 8 (October 5th)

Road transfer back to Cuiaba for your flight home.


We will be staying on a Flotel during our time in the Pantanal. The flotel is located right on the entrance of the State Park Meeting of the Waters, strategically located between the Piquiri River and the Cuiabá River, which facilitates our journey. As such, we save around 40 minutes per day, so it is the best option to be the first one in the park.

All rooms have AC, a private bathroom, clean towels, and bed linen. There is WiFi available on board too. Rooms are offered on a shared basis (two people per room).


The price of this trip is $3980 USD per person.


(Full T&Cs below)

What's Included?

  • Road transfer from Cuiaba to Porto Jofre and back again

  • 7 nights accommodation on board the Flotel in a double room

  • All meals (delicious plant-based food) plus drinking water

  • 6 full days of safari + 1 half day of safari

  • Photography and editing lessons from host, Roxy Furman

  • Local wildlife guide and photographer, Henrique Olsen

What's Not Included?

  • Flights to Cuiaba

  • Travel insurance

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Tips


Frequently Asked Questions

'I am a beginner photographer, is it ok for me to join?'

Absolutely, yes! This tour is for people of all levels. On previous tours, I have had a complete mix from people with a couple of years experience, to someone who has only just got a camera for the trip, to someone that hasn't brought a camera at all and has just come to enjoy. All are welcome. The tour is designed for photographers in mind, meaning we will have extended hours in the field, with a focus on shooting at golden hour each day, for optimal photographic opportunities. I will also be giving camera advice and guidance throughout, but this is total optional if you would like to learn from me in this area or not during your time on the tour. It is for you to enjoy in the way you would like to.

'Do I require any vaccinations or anti-malarials to join?'

For any health advice, please consult with your medical professsional prior to travel. However, the Pantanal is considered to be totally safe from Dengue, Zika, yellow fever, and malaria, so I don't take any vaccinations or medication for travel here personally.

Spaces are limited to 6 people - to BOOK your space, get in touch with me via email (

Terms and Conditions

A deposit of 30% is required to confirm your reservation. In case of a guest requesting to cancel the trip, the amount related to the reservation is non-refundable.

The balance payment must be received 30 days prior to the start of the trip. If the reservation is made less than 45 days before departure, full payment will be required at the time of booking.

Please note that the price is based on GBP and the full amount will need to be received in order to confirm your space (any fees or charges your bank may apply will need to be covered by you).

In case of cancellation between 44 and 34 days prior to departure, 50% of the total amount will be returned. All cancellations made up to 34 days before the start of the excursion are non-refundable and you will be liable to pay the full remaining balance for your space. If you are concerned about the possibility of you needing to cancel, please purchase travel insurance.

Please note, I will not be held liable for any disruptions or inability to fulfill my services due to circumstances beyond my control or my service providers' reasonable control. These unforseeable events may include, but are not limited to, extreme weather conditions, park closures, transportation issues, terrorist incidents, fires, floods, disease outbreak, or any similar occurrences. I appreciate your understanding in such situations and assure you that I will make every effort to minimise any inconvenience caused.

Please be advised travel insurance is not included in my tours. It is important for all travellers to secure their own travel insurance coverage prior to the trip.

I will assume that terms and conditions have been read and accepted when a booking is made.

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