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Unlock the potential of your wildlife photography with this exceptional wildlife photography preset pack. Elevate your editing game with just one click, as you apply the very settings I use myself for my wildlife photos.


Each preset in this pack has been meticulously crafted to tackle specific lighting conditions that I frequently encounter in my own photography. Whether it's capturing stunning backlit scenes or navigating the challenges of shooting in harsh sunlight, these presets have been developed and fine-tuned to deliver outstanding results. I personally tested them on a wide range of images I've captured, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality for your creative endeavors.


To guarantee the versatility and effectiveness of these presets, I enlisted a team of dedicated product testers. These photographers, with varying camera brands and shooting styles, further put the presets to the test. Their valuable feedback allowed me to refine and optimize the presets, making sure they are applicable and impactful across a broad spectrum of uses.


As this is a digital product, you will receive a convenient zip file containing the presets along with an instruction manual. The installation process is quick and straightforward, allowing you to dive right into exploring the capabilities of these presets.


Here's what is included in this wildlife photography preset pack:

  • 5 carefully curated presets for Lightroom Classic
  • The same 5 carefully curated presets adapted for Lightroom Mobile
  • A comprehensive installation manual


It's essential to note that while these presets work wonders on many images, they may not be a one-size-fits-all solution. Photography is a highly individualistic art form, and you may need to make slight adjustments to achieve your desired results after applying a preset. Think of these presets as a powerful foundation that sparks your creativity, allowing you to tailor and refine your edits to perfection.

Wildlife Photography Preset Pack

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