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Join us as we take a week off work to staycation up in Scotland! In this video, I journey up to Scotland with Connor and my rescue dog Luna, in our Nissan Elgrand campervan for a roadtrip. We visit Bass Rock to see the gannets, Loch Lomond to stand up paddle board and explore the waterfalls and wildlife, and Isle of Mull to find the otters.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we head up to the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands.

Link to vlog part 1:

If you would prefer to have a read about our adventure, here is the full transcript from the video:

This past week we've been travelling around Scotland in our camper van. We've been seeing lots of wildlife, some epic landscapes, and just been going on general adventures with myself, Connor, and our little rescue dog, Luna. We've been filming the whole thing so this video will be taking you with us every step of the way. Hope you enjoy it! We are all packed up, ready to go. For those of you who are into your cars, you might be wondering what it is that we are driving... This is Connor's 2006 Nissan Elgrand that he got as a Japanese import. It's a really cool vehicle. We haven't done much to it yet but it does have all that we need for camping. When we got about 2 hours away from Bass Rock we decided to park up for the night, get out the camping stove, and cook a nice dinner ready for the big, exciting day tomorrow. Bass Rock, on the west coast of Scotland, is home to one of the largest colonies of gannets in the world. Up to 150,000 gannets can be found here during peak breeding season. Northern gannets are one of our largest seabirds, with wingspans of up to 2 metres. They gather here on Bass Rock to breed. You literally have hundreds of birds flying overhead and not only are they flying, but they are diving in to catch fish. They dive from heights of up to 30metres and hit the water at speeds up to 60mph. It's no wonder that they don't hurt themselves, but they have these incredible adaptations, with an extensive network of air sacs to cushion their face to help protect them from this impact. Roxy's just gone to see the gannets, she's gone on a trip meanwhile me and Luna, carrying her right here, are going down to this beach. After Bass Rock, it was time to head over to the east coast but along the way, we made a stop in Loch Lomond. This is the perfect place to stop, stretch your legs, have a hike, and see some wildlife. After splashing about in the waterfall, we decided to pump up the paddle board that a friend of ours had very kindly lent us for the trip. Even little Luna had a go and she actually swam for the first time ever. She used to be so frightened of water, so this was a massive achievement for her. The animal I'd most like to see this trip is an otter. When I used to live up in Scotland, seeing the otters was my favourite thing. Every encounter was always so special. So, we've headed to the Isle of Mull and our plan is to basically drive up and down the lochs, really slowly, with me looking out the window with my binoculars trying to spot an otter. But spotting the otter isn't the hard part, it's actually being able to get down onto the beach after spotting one to then get close enough to be able to photograph and film one. So hopefully we will get lucky, but we will see. Just sat at the ferry terminal. Luna's just there, behind me, having a lil sleep whilst we wait. We are waiting to go over to the Isle of Mull to see the otters... hopefully, if we find them. We made it to the Isle of Mull. We have the one night here, because we booked the ferry very last minute and this was all that was available, so we got here about 7pm this evening and then we leave about midnight tomorrow. Which means that we have a full 24 hours to try and find the otters. We did try this evening when we first arrived, before sunset, but unfortunately, we weren't in luck. However we are going to get up at sunrise and I'm praying to the otter Gods that they will come out and we will see them. We are currently in the van on otter watch. We literally jumped straight in the front this morning as soon as we woke up and then we are driving up and down the loch, as slow as we possibly can, just scanning the coastline, to see if we can find an otter. We drove up and down the loch twice, literally at snail speed and haven't seen anything, so now we are heading round the other side to try over here. Also, I've just decided a life goal of mine is to one day have my own place on Mull. As a holiday home, that I can come to for like 2 weeks of the year, work remotely, see the otters in the mornings and evenings and just have a nice, chill, happy life on an island. Good goal, isn't it? Yep. I win the gold star! Who just spotted the otter! Wahoo, we found an otter! Wahooooo! Literally just had the best otter encounter, probably of my life there was this one otter that kept foraging, coming back onto land, foraging, coming back onto land he was just so chill! He knew we were there but we were crouched down, not moving whenever his head was up or on land, and he was just there, rolling around, having a scratch, tickling his tummy eating some was madness. I feel like Connor probably thinks that's the norm of an otter sighting, but trust me, it's not, we got so lucky. That otter was so chilled out. I mean, we were trying to be careful, there were a few other people there that were filming and they were definitely trying to, yeah they were not as, yeah there was this one guy that literally had full on camouflage kit on and stood upright when the otter was on land walking over to him.

Yeah we were hiding... he got scared, and we were like what are you doing, yeah we were hiding and he just stood up in his camo poncho and just walked along and he scared him away! We were like, camouflage doesn't work like that! I'm a very happy bunny. I didn't want to leave. I think I stayed as long as I could. Mmhmm. Until Connor was like right, I'll force you back in the car and lock you up in here! We are leaving the otter. There you have it, part 1 of our Scotland vlog is complete. I hope you enjoyed this video. Next week in part 2, we will be heading up to the Isle of Skye to explore some of the most dramatic landscapes in Scotland.

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